Thursday, March 5, 2020

Hanmer Spring Description Writing

After our camp to Hanmer Springs we had to write a piece of writing that would encourage others to go to Hanmer for a holiday.

Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs is a very fun place to visit.  It is a place to relax, be adventurous and spend time with family and friends.  Hanmer springs have all the things you need for a great holiday.

The hot pools are special  because you can spend time with friends and family.  The water slides are fun because you can go down with  people. The lites in the lazy river are dark blue. The water slides are fun, fast and  scary.

Mountain biking is fun because you can go and explore the bushes. Going up the hills can be hard but going down the hills is so much more fun.   If that isn’t thrilling enough for you then you can try bungee jumping, jet boating or 4 wheel driving.

Rock climbing is so scary and fun at the same time. Tree climbing is scary  because your hands get slippery. 
Hanmer springs is the place to go if you want to relax and have fun.

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