Thursday, May 21, 2020

My Perfect Dad

Mrs Bailey has been reading us the story called Bad Dad.  The task she set for us was to describe our 'Perfect Dad'.  Here is my perfect dad.

The Perfect Dad for Me

The perfect dad for me is a dad that makes me laugh,
makes me feel safe and makes me feel at home. 
He would be hard working, kind, caring and strong. 
He lets me go on the farm to help him to do some work.
He goes on school camps with me.
He is so funny when he tucks me into my bed.

The perfect dad is strong and has big muscles but is also flexible
and can do things like flips and skateboard. 
He is also a fantastic cook! 
Who cooks up anything that I want to eat. 
He takes me to the pool when I want to go to the park.
He does anything I want. He gets me some lollies and treats….
they are so good they are my best favorites. 

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